Poetry Society of South Carolina
Members' Poetry Collections

Last updated 05.14.09
Gil Allen
Driving to Distraction
Alexandria, VA: Orchises Press, 2003

Commandments at Eleven
Alexandria, VA: Orchises Press, 1994

Second Chances
Alexandria, VA: Orchises Press, 1992

In Everything
Twin Lakes, WI: Lotus Press, 1982

Paul Allen
His Longing (The Small Penis Oratorio)
Kanona, NY: FootHills Publishing, 2005

American Crawl
Vassar Miller Prize in Poetry
University of North Texas Press, 1997

Laurel Blossom
Degrees of Latitude
New York: Four Way Books, 2007

Nick Bozanic
The Long Drive Home
Winner of the 1989 Anhinga Press Prize for poetry

Phebe Davidson
Fat Moon Rising
Main Street Rag, forthcoming

The Surface of Things
WordTech Communications, forthcoming

Linda Annas Ferguson
Bird Missing from One Shoulder
Cincinnati: WordTech Editions, 2007

Stepping on Cracks in the Sidewalk
Georgetown, KY: Finishing Line Press, 2006

Last Chance to Be Lost
Kentucky Writers' Coalition Chapbook Competition, 2004

It's Hard to Hate a Broken Thing
Palanquin Press Poetry Competition
Aiken, SC: Palanquin Press, 2002

Starkey Flythe, Jr.
Paying the Anesthesiologist
Greenville, SC: Ninety-Six Press, 1995

Richard Garcia
Chickenhead and Other Prose Poems
Kanona, NY: FootHills Publishing, in press

The Persistence of Objects
Buffalo, NY: BOA Editions, Ltd., 2003

Rancho Notorious
Buffalo, NY: BOA Editions, Ltd., 2001

The Flying Garcias
University of Pittsburgh, 1993

Selected Poetry
Berkeley, CA: Quinto Sol, 1973

Tim Harkins
Chasing the Ineffable
Stepping Stones Press, 2008

Linda Lee Harper
Kiss, Kiss
Open Competition, Cleveland State Univ. Poetry Center

Nancy Jean Hill
Beryllium Diary
Pudding House Press

Janet Hull
Coastal Village Press

Mary Hutchins Harris
A Tongue Full of Yeses
Stepping Stones Press, 2008

Angela Kelly
Voodoo for the Other Woman
University of South Carolina Press, 2006

Ed Madden
2007 SC Poetry Book Prize
University of South Carolina Press, 2008

Terri McCord
In the Company of Animals
University of South Carolina Press, forthcoming

The Art and the Wait
Finishing Line Press, advance purchase

Ray McManus
Left Behind
University of South Carolina Press, forthcoming

Driving through the Country before You Are Born
University of South Carolina Press, 2007

Susan Meyers
Keep and Give Away
South Carolina Poetry Book Prize
Brockman-Campbell Book Award
Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance
    (SIBA) Book Award for Poetry
University of South Carolina Press, 2006

Ron Moran
The Blurring of Time
Clemson University Digital Press, 2007

Saying These Things
Clemson University Digital Press, 2004

Bryan Penberthy
National Poetry Review Prize
Aptos, CA: National Poetry Review Press, 2007

Carol Peters
Muddy Prints, Water Shine
Georgetown, KY: Finishing Line Press, April 2008

Warren Slesinger
A Word for It
Georgetown, KY: Finishing Line Press, 2006

Dennis Ward Stiles
Columbus: Pudding House Press, 2007

A Strange Wind Rises
Columbus: Pudding House Press, 2006

Black Mirrors
Columbus: Pudding House Press, 2003

Saigon tea
Aiken, SC: Palanquin Press, 2003

Marjory Wentworth
Despite Gravity
Greenville, SC: Ninety-Six Press, 2007

Noticing Eden
Greenville, SC: Hub City Press, 2003

What the Water Gives Me
Mary Edna Fraser, co-author
Imprint Books, 2002

Katherine Williams
Cranioglyph: A Memoir in Verse
Stepping Stones Press, 2008

Laguna Poets Series, 1999

Lapsed Existentialist
Laguna Poets Series, 1998