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Index of Poems by Author

Emily Abedon
"Shrill and Young, and Most Persistent"

Zoe Abedon
"Solitude: To Be"

Carrie Bailes
"The 5th of July"

Sherry Beasley
"Visiting My Cousin in Richmond"

Libby Bernardin
"And when the forest of your bearable life appears"
"First Snow"
"Habitat, Home, Harbor"
"How the Painter Giovanni Signorini Renders Celebration As the People Gather on the Ponte alla Carraia in Florence"
"Like Wings"
"Naming in the Garden at the Headwaters of the Tigris and the Euphrates"
"On Isle of Palms in the Month of No Moon"
"A Piece of Light Fabric"
"What You Gave Me"

Derek Berry
"Not Another Teen Ghost Story: Libretto for Film Remake"

Jane Emerson Blewer
"Maybe Once Upon a Time?"
"A Rainbow in the Making"
"I Should Have"
"The Chase"
"The Other Side of Town"

Laurel Blossom
"Jason is Risen"
"The Big One"

Nick Bozanic

Mary O’Keefe Brady
"Tar Beach"

Helen C. Brandenburg
"After the Storm"

Henk Brandt
"Drawbridge on New Year’s Eve"

Farley Briggs
"Before We Leave"
"The Silver Meteor"

Patricia Tanner Candal
"Calling Out the Memories"

Mary Wideman Carson
"Inside Out"
"Returning to the New World"

Jerri Chaplin
"Direction (for a child)"
"Fast Funeral"
"Passover, Junior Year"

Helen Coats
"Dream for Honey Bee Januaries"

Sybil B. Collins
"The Trade: The Tale of a Cat and a Crow"
"Where Tigers Roam"

McKayla Conahan, "Floating World"
Allison Cooke
"Butterfly Road"

John Corless
"Untitled (Carpe Diem, seize the day)"

Lee Pelham Cotton
"How Now, Malvolio"
"Pretty Much Forever (The Summerville Light)"

Debra A. Daniel
"Being Kissed By A Poet"
"His Daughter Who Goes to College in Charleston"
"Elegy for the City"
"The Homeless Men of Paris and Their Cats"
"The 100th Yard Prayer"
"I Watch the Final Wednesday of November"
"Life Under Water"
"My Father Spends the Night Lost in the Santee Swamp"
"My First Visit to Charleston, The Sixth Grade All Day Field Trip"
"My Grandmother Steals Oleanders at Windy Hill Beach"
"On Windy Hill Pier Where My Father and Uncle Fished Away Their Summer"
"Photography Class—Lessons in Black and White"
"Playing Mary Chesnut"
"This Inlet Where She Stands"
"Tomorrow Afternoon the Fifth Graders Will Hold Auditions for the Spring Play"
"Violin Played as Titanic Sank Sells for $1.7 Million"

Danielle DeTiberus
"I Thought After Thirty"
"Love and Other Hand Grenades"

Linda Annas Ferguson

Doaty Flanigan
"Anger Fulfilled"

Starkey Flythe
"The House"
"Jr. League Cookbook"
"Katherine, locked in the bathroom"
"We’re Taking the Real Estate Exam"

Noah Roy Fram

Ethan Fugate
"Flight 17" (from Nouveaux Contes de Fées)"

Carol G. Furtwangler
"Single House"

Donald L. Geddes
"The Tear of Things"

Samuel Lewis Gee
"Grandfather Dan, My Dad, Kitchen Table, 2005"

Ed Gold
"If, Then"
"Touch me not"

Aly Goodwin
"Ancient Greek Wisdom"
"Captain Cook’s First Mate Speaks aboard the Resolution, Antarctica, 1765"
"Field Pilgrim"
"In the Moon of Marsh Marigolds"
"In the Moon of Yellow Fever, Campobello, South Carolina, 1916"
"The Man with the Plow"
"The Moon of Ripe Blackberries"
"Uncle Crazy"
"What Happened on Flat Creek in Montreat, North Carolina, When I Was 14, That Changed My Life"
"Written Sitting in the Ruins of Old Sheldon Church, St. William’s Parish, Beaufort County, South Carolina, 16 October, 2004"

Kate Hanzalik
"The Thickening"

Tim Harkins
"Blue Skies"
"Choosing Totems"
"Crows Finally Find Me in Spartanburg"
"Dying for a Drink"
"Ebbing Yuletide"
"Flight of Fancy"
"Return to Charleston"
"Toilet Humor"
"Trip to the Zoo"

Linda Lee Harper
"Elizabeth Barrett Browning"
"Watch Out For The Low Beams"

Mary Hutchins Harris
"After Dinner"
"Waiting to Be Served"
"How the Fall"

Teressa Haskew
"Hemp Hearts"

Ann Herlong-Bodman
"Ars Poetica"
"At Midnight"
"Sailing Single-Handed"
"History 101"
"Lost and Found"
"Third Birthday"

Elsie T. Holcombe
"What If the World was Upside Down?"

James B. Hudson
"Monte Sano At Wheeler"

Elliot Hueske
"missing in action"

Ann Humphries
"Three Dreams"

Ellen E. Hyatt
"Gray Is"

Ruth Ilg
"March 20th"
"Vanishing Point"

Denise K. James
"Stephanie, 12:30 a.m."

Thomas L. Johnson
"Auntie’s Archive"
"Dionysus at Brookgreen"
"On Deciding Whether or Not to Purchase a Scenic Print of Table Rock Reflected in a Lake at Sunset"
"Remembering the Girl with the Blackened Teeth"
"The Sign of the Mona Lisa Motel, Fallen at Camden"
"Sunset and Moonlight over Charleston"

Janet Joyner

Talley V. Kayser
"From Lausanne Cathedral"
"In Which Our Heroine Intends to Write Her Paramour a Letter, Searches for Appropriate Love-Poems to Enclose, and Becomes Irritated by Gender Dynamics"

Kirby Knowlton
"my aunt on dauphine street"

Gregory Lobas
"17-year Locusts"
"Dark Energy"

Janet Lombard
"Closing Night"

Kit Loney
"Awake Again at Two a.m."
"Beatissimus Thomas"
"Buzz and Tumble"
"Eye of the Skull"
"History of the Black Hose"
"History of Petticoats"
"Hot Night, No Screens"
"Influence of Two Moons"
"Madame Butterfly and the Down Syndrome Kid"
"Sooner Or Later They Ask Me My Age"
"Unsmashing the Goblet"
"The Wind of Your Name, Sophia"
"Worn by the Wind"

Michael Lucas
"Old Tabby"

James J. Lundy, Jr.
"Abstract Painting"
"Hot Market"
"Silent Film Prayer"
"When the Lights Go Out"

Michael H. Lythgoe
"Adoration of the Magi"
"The Alchemist"
"Lenten Sonnet (II)"
"The Mah Jongg Ladies Attend the Ballet"
"Of Birds & Angels at The Post Office"
"Rooster Tales (3)"
"Tango de La Luna"

Ed Madden
"Before the Viewing"
"That Day"

Harriet Madden

Sandra Marshburn

Maria Martin
"Florence in the middle of the day"
"The Spring the Flowers Fell"

Preston Martin
"When the Olympics Were in London"

Terri Lee McCord
"Asleep Near Tracks"
"The Bag Boy Discusses Dogma"
"Crow Augury"
"Found Jesus"
"God Backwards"
"The Light"
"Meditation on the Jellyfish"
"The Vacant House across the Street"

Taylor McElwain
"Daylilies and Darkness"

Arthur McMaster
"The Girl with the Just-Pretend Jump Rope"

Celeste McMaster
"An Elegy for Sadness"
"How to See a Burning Bush"
"Rusty Barrel"

Ellen McNeal

Debra McQueen

Cameron Messinides
"Story of a Carolina Monsoon"

Duncan Wallace Moore
"A Short Recounting of One Road to Immortality"

Marilyn R. Mumford
"true story (philadelphia 1994)"

Katrina Murphy
"School Started Today"

Ruth Nicholson
"PM Noise"

Sally Olivier
"O Come, O Come, Emanuel"

Alice Osborn
"Saturday Banking in Northern Virginia"

Scott Owens
"Adding Up the Day"

Frances J. Pearce
"Casting Call"
"Mixed Bouquet"
"My Mind Wanders During the Morning Service"
"Postcard from the King Tut Exhibition, Munich, 1980"

Bryan Penberthy
"Musetta’s Waltz & Electric Guitar"

Carol Peters
"Aunt Naked"

George Pope
"Freedom Hat"
"Meeting Miss Mississippi (Columbus, Mississippi, Circa 1961)"

J. Stephen Rhodes
"For Robin Williams"
"Ghost Dance"

Lawrence Rhu
"Connecting Flights"

Danny B. Riley
"Little Duckling"

Jules Riley
"Dogstar Moon"
"Waist Deep in Winter Water"
"Winter Garden"

Lee Robinson
"Advice We Give Our Children"

Emily Rosko
"Here They Landed"

Cameron Blake Rotton

Eileen Rush
"The Second Mallard"

Deborah Lawson Scott
"After the Grass"
"The Elders"
"Wrong Climate"

Marguerite Scott
"Personal Effects"

Victoria Sharpe
"Letter to Gloria"

Kimberly Simms
"Brother’s Mess of Crosses"

Melissa Slayton
"Newer Endymion"
"The Pianist"
"Some Say the Inuit Have Fifty-Two Words for Snow"

Warren Slesinger

Brian Slusher
"Boy Vs. Ocean"
"Crybaby Bridge"
"Dead, I Take-up Stargazing"
"Dr. Roget’s Favorite Pick up Line"
"Dog Beach"
"I Saw the Opera of My Life"
"In the Worm’s Kitchen"
"The Invisible Rope Trick"
"Losing Season"
"The Means of Production"
"Never Land"
"No Children"
"On the Battery"
"Reenactment: Charleston, SC 12/20/10"
"To the Man Who Took a Selfie on Top of the Elephant He Shot"
"Wife Not Comfortable with the Idea of Nudist Resort"

Randy Spencer
"Ice Jesus"

Cassie Premo Steele
"Spirit Lesson"
"This is my disease"

Susan Finch Stevens
"Marsh Impasto"

Dennis Ward Stiles
"Charleston Docks, Posed for Watercolor"
"High On The Hog"
"In the Garden"
"Isn’t There A Ship"
"John Bennett"
"Meeting Cortez"
"Old Man"
"Pelican Mantras"
"Swan in Bare Outline"

Nick Sweet
"While She Slept"

Tim Taylor
"Night Song"

Jack Tracey
"Car Encounter"

Aurelyn Van Kirk
"As I Bathe"

English Walpole
"The Moon on Her Pillow"

Charles watts

Chandler Lesesne West
"May (All of Nature Says Yes)"

Libby Swope Wiersema
"Haunting Pawley’s Island"

Katherine Williams
"Anagram: Epithalamion"

William Winslow
"Last Night at Home (letter from Vietnam)"
"Late Autumn"

Victoria Rose Witte
"Love, Cards, in the Atlantic"