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The Constance Pultz Prize, Winter 2009
Debra A. Daniel
Being Kissed By A Poet
Everyone should, at least once,
but first kisses usually aren’t exactly right.
The fit must be adjusted so noses won’t detract
from the graceful leaning, the sweet taste of breath.

So everyone should be kissed twice by a poet.
Well, maybe not everyone, but certainly,
at the very least, you.

And now that I think of it, maybe fourteen kisses,
Yes, a sonnet of kisses, in preordained pattern,
with a regulated rhythm to steady your pulse
against the soft wildness of my, or I should say,
the poet’s mouth.

Think how poets pay attention to every detail, every word, every sound, how a poet
would relish the chance to write about your lips.

©2009 Debra A. Daniel