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The Nancy Walton Pringle Memorial Prize, Winter 2016
Laurel Blossom
The Big One
A terrorist attack surprised the community early Monday morning,
leaving one dead and hundreds injured.

A fire inland dropped ash all over the city. Uncles sleeping outside woke up
covered in flakes of grey. Another metaphor.

It reminded some of New York City on the morning of September 11.
A massive quake with extensive damage throughout the system,

especially to the organs, transportation, the communications grid.
The city could not recover. No hope

for survivors, the city burned, the nation mourned.
Favorite photos were posted on social media.

Local artists and musicians were celebrated. Historic Hollywood movies
were shown in a continuous loop on all TV stations over and over.

Then his daughter suffered an attack of appendicitis.
Then a huge limb from a tree with (what else?) falling limb disease fell on Andy’s truck.

Then his son stood up and said it’s hard to lose your dad at this age.
Then the streams resumed flowing.

Then the air began to breathe.
Then the clocks started up again, but we didn’t believe them.

©2016 Laurel Blossom