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The Archibald Rutledge Prize, Winter 2005
Dennis Ward Stiles
Pelican Mantras
1. The feather is more than a hair.
The feather is more than a fishscale.

2. God created the water
and filled it with food.
Fish rise. I eat them.

3. God created air, rocks
dead trees.
I fly through his breath

4. There is no beak like my beak.
Come over here, gulls
sandpipers, herons, crabs.

5. Try, you others, to splash
the way I splash.
You are skimmers and dippers.

6. Blessed is the leader in flight.
Blessed are the first and last to follow.
Blessed alone, blessed together.

7. Break open my eggs, enemies.
I have hidden others.
Even my eggs
have the wisdom of grandfathers.

©2005 Dennis Ward Stiles