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The Humorous Verse Prize, Spring 2017
Debra A. Daniel
The 100th Yard Prayer
O, grant us speed and strength
so that we may tackle
with thunderous zeal,
so that we might not fumble
but catch with sweet completion.

Lead us not into concussion
but into endorsements,
into super bowl rings,
and halls of fame, to trophies
and trophy wives.

O, give unto us higher fantasy
points, perfect parking spots,
and body paint that, thusly,
shall wash away with one shower
and not leave stains upon the towels.

O, lift unto us the Heisman,
the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders,
and playful mascots. O, let us
not be persecuted for believing
in our lucky underwear.

Yea, though we curse at yellow flags
and referees, ESPN, the NCAA,
and the NFL shall lead us
all the weekends of our season
and on Monday nights as well.

©2017 Debra A. Daniel