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The Peter Pan Prize, Spring 2019
Ann Humphries
Three Dreams
In 1960s Kodachrome
three sisters less than three years apart
sit cross-legged, unselfconscious
hair tousled, streaked with sun,

play clothes strewn across their chests.
One squints, elbows on knees. Another
shades her face. A third straight-backed,
blue eyes wide with surprise.

Three sisters tossed in the air by their father
scamper into a bubbled bath and crowd the tub.
One by one hoisted by their mother
toweled dry, hair fragrant with soap.

Three girls giggle into gowns
before supper and stories.
Sisters tucked in one bed loose-limbed,
shallow breaths curl from each to each to dream

three dreams that one day will pull them apart.

©2019 Ann Humphries