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The Jeanne Crandall Broulik Memorial Prize, Spring 2012
Deborah Lawson Scott
Not even TEN seconds dead
and I snorkel the wreck
at Ridley Head. Sun bakes
my back, lights the coral.
At NINE before the hour,
blue-tang grapevine,
yellow-tail figure EIGHT,
All SIXes and SEVENs,
little fishes separate;
a barracuda torpedoes by.
A moray undulates.
Slack goes the sea.
FIVE decades, hooked
in the past tense,
give hungry looks.
FOUR bells, THREE voices.
Says the old man, anon;
the woman, adios;
the unfamiliar voice,
Call it TWO-o-ONE.

©2012 Deborah Lawson Scott