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The Humorous Verse Category, Spring 2015
John Corless
Untitled (Carpe Diem, seize the day)
Carpe diem, "seize the day," I thought I heard my boss once say
That in this motto we should trust and leave our rivals in the dust.
If I’d spent less time in detention and given Latin more attention
Then maybe I could comprehend the messages such sayings send.

I know my ears are not so sharp but did he really mention carp?
They say that eating fish is good and if I liked it more I would
But were it solely up to me I’d choose instead omega-3
Which would supply the fish’s essence without its scaly, finny presence

And per diem, that's a kind of pay that I’m allotted for each day
But usually it’s cash I’m wishin’, not something that you catch while fishin’...
And seizing doesn’t sound so good, at least not in my neighborhood:
For anyone to praise convulsion leaves me reeling with revulsion.

So beware your boss, but if you see him Tell him to keep his carpe diem!

©2015 John Corless