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The DuBose and Dorothy Heyward Society Prize, Winter 2018
Ann Herlong-Bodman
Ars Poetica
A noisy, restless mockingbird
causes a ruckus atop my neighbor’s chimney
where it sings incessantly a tune
not even his, but the cardinal’s or the chickadee’s,
an endless copy of what is and what is not,
ever-cresting,   overlapping as he tries to sing it right
while I sit trapped, muttering,
in the light of a blank computer screen until
I look again and see fluttering in the trees
cardinals, chickadees, also wrens returning,
singing loudly now, louder still
as if to out-sing the mockingbird,
as if to sing is to stay alive, as if they would not,
could not go on without.

©2018 Ann Herlong-Bodman