The Gertrude Munzenmaier Prize
Spring 2011
Kit Loney

Buzz and Tumble

Fuchsia and bright orange zinnia zing, shout,
strut swagger cross the room, heady with bloom.
Marigolds refuse to stay in their seats.
Red star-feather vine and wild morning glory
up in everybody’s face.
Basil keeps bolting, running out the door.
      Yuletide camellia and tea olive,
      well-behaved pets, lost amidst
unruly rowdies, the lot of them leaning,
shoving, falling on the floor, shaking laughter.
Aphids all chewing chartreuse gum,
sticking it under desks.
Leaf rollers hunker, iPod-wired, hidden in hoods.
Mexican petunias pelting purple scatter.
Bees stirring it up, rubbing against,
prying into every conversation.
Weeds always whining why not? why not?

In dark of night, white flowers, still whispering.
©2011 Kit Loney